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Deloitte ESG Whitepager

Sustainable Service Transformation

How can industrial manufacturers make their service offerings both greener and more competitive? Sustainability is one of the hottest topics of our time, driven on the one hand by the broader climate…

Fitch Ratings


ESG Credit Trends 2022

Investors, regulators and stakeholders in capital markets are paying increasing attention to social issues and this ESG theme will rise in prominence over 2022. In conjunction, the nexus between…

McKinsey & Co.

McKinsey & Co.

More than 10,000 years of continuous and accelerating progress have brought human civilization to the point of threatening the very condition that made that progress possible: the stability of…

S&P Global

S&P Global

Long-term sustainability risks require near-term action. This is not just an accounting of corporate sustainability practices. What you are about to read is a close examination of some of the major…



Sustainability strategy and reporting are hot topics for internal and external stakeholders. Taken together, sustainability strategy and associated reporting have a very tangible impact…