Netherlands-based bank ABN AMRO announced today that is has appointed stewardship provider EOS at Federated Hermes to support the bank in engagement services across its private banking assets, spanning investments in equity and fixed income.

Vincent Triesschijn, Director Sustainable Investment at ABN AMRO, said:

“Our clients are increasingly looking to invest their assets sustainably and want to know that the companies we are investing in on their behalf are acting responsibly. We firmly believe in the concept of active ownership and through our partnership with EOS we can have more impact to engage these companies on the risks and opportunities pertaining to long-term sustainable wealth.”

EOS is one of the world’s leading stewardship services, with assets under advisement of $1.28. The business has grown significantly as demand among investors and financiers for ESG integration and stewardship has been increasing. In July 2020, EOS announced a significant expansion, adding several new hires to the stewardship team, following a doubling of advised assets over a two-year period.

Dr. Hans-Christoph Hirt, Head of EOS at Federated Hermes, said:

“The pandemic has shown the importance of businesses maintaining strong relations with key stakeholders and a social license to operate, underpinned by a clearly articulated and meaningful corporate purpose, in order to sustainably create value. While many companies have faced short-term pressures, it is important now more than ever that they demonstrate a long-term approach to sustainability. We look forward to working collaboratively with ABN AMRO and supporting them through global, systematic and effective stewardship on behalf of their clients.”