amfori Celebrates 20 Years of amfori BSCI, a Leading Service for Social Due Diligence

BRUSSELS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–amfori celebrates today the 20th anniversary of amfori BSCI (short for amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative), an impactful product that has enabled businesses to exercise human rights due diligence more efficiently and to ensure the protection of workers’ rights in global supply chains since 2003.

This journey started with a small group of retailers who ambitioned to harmonise their respective social compliance schemes. What started as a simple project in 1999 led amfori (back then known as the Foreign Trade Association – FTA) to establish a framework for what is widely known today as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) due diligence.

The past years have shed light on a wide range of labour abuses, social movements as well as pressure from consumers and labour organisations which have prompted brands, retailers and importing companies to be more conscious about Social Due Diligence. Aware of the implications for employees, workers in the supply chain, communities, consumers, and businesses, amfori through amfori BSCI, saw the opportunity to create purposeful change.

Drawn on the rules and principles of the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, amfori BSCI helps amfori members, and their business partners understand and improve their social performance, by identifying, mitigating and remediating risks in global supply chains.

“This anniversary provides the opportunity to reflect on our journey and get excited about the future. For 20 years, amfori has continuously collaborated with partners, stakeholders, NGOs, and policymakers to provide the service we know today as amfori BSCI. This progress would not have been possible without their support and the passionate team at amfori, amfori President, Linda Kromjong states.

As the ESG due diligence landscape continues to evolve, regulations and requirements will require continuous improvement and transformation.

As a leading business association for sustainable trade, one of the biggest wins we can be proud of today is the opportunity to have developed amfori beyond Social Due Diligence, by supporting our members with Environmental Due Diligence and meeting the expectations of good Governance. As we embark upon a new decade, we remain committed to helping our members create a world where trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone, amfori President, Linda Kromjong concludes.

Discover more about amfori BSCI in this brochure or watch our video here.


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