Calyx Global Is the First Carbon Credit Ratings Platform to Offer Users Environmental and Social Risk Screening

LEADVILLE, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calyx Global is the first carbon credit ratings platform to help carbon credit buyers understand the environmental and social risks behind their carbon credits. Environmental and social safeguards aim to curb negative outcomes of carbon projects and are designed to avoid the exploitation of local peoples, human rights violations, damage to local ecosystems, among other things.

A lack of safeguards introduces risk to the people and places in which projects operate, as well as to the buyers of those carbon credits. Just as Calyx Global helps carbon credit buyers understand the greenhouse gas risks of individual carbon projects, it will now do the same for environmental and social risks. By bringing clarity to this critical component of quality, Calyx Global hopes to help the carbon market continue its move towards high-integrity carbon credits.

“We are excited to share a new way to help carbon credit buyers better understand the quality of carbon projects,” said Donna Lee, Co-founder of Calyx Global. “Carbon projects can do great things for the climate while inadvertently doing harm to the people and places where they are operating. Companies want to know if the carbon credits they’re investing in are implementing precautions to prevent that harm.”

To ensure Calyx Global’s approach followed established best practice, their Environmental and Social Safeguards team collaborated with Climate Law & Policy. Daniela Rey, CLP Founder and Managing Director, said, “High-integrity climate mitigation projects are an important tool to tackle the climate crisis. To achieve high integrity, they must deliver sustained positive outcomes for affected stakeholders and the local environment. We are proud to work with Calyx Global to develop environmental and social governance assessments to ensure that this element of integrity has a solid framework for assessment.”

Calyx Global will include an initial environmental and social risk screening for all project types rated on its platform, and offer additional analysis to customers at a premium. To learn more about environmental and social risks and safeguards, register for the upcoming webinar “The 3rd pillar of carbon credit quality: safeguards.”

About the company

Calyx Global is a carbon credit ratings agency that helps organizations find carbon credits with confidence. Rigorous ratings and analysis ensure that carbon buyers can do good for people and the planet. From nature-based solutions to emerging technologies, Calyx Global leads the market with over 450 rated projects (and counting). To learn more visit


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