Credit Suisse Asset Management has announced the latest in a series of ESG-related investment products, with the launch of the Credit Suisse (Lux) Environmental Impact Equity Fund. The new fund will invest primarily in small- and mid-cap companies that provide products, services and technologies that address the most pressing environmental challenges such as climate change, pollution, and natural resource depletion.

The new fund will be led by Senior Fund Manager Christian Schmid, and will incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria based on the Credit Suisse Sustainable Investing Framework into its investment process. One of the goals of the fund will be to enhance the impact made by portfolio companies through engagement, dialogue, and proxy voting. The fund will also provide impact reports, enabling investors to track the impacts made by portfolio companies over time.

Commenting on the new fund, and its expected broad appeal to investors, Marisa Drew, CEO of Credit Suisse’s Impact Advisory and Finance (IAF) Department, explained that it is “”targeted at investors who are seeking a more environmentally friendly, sustainable approach to business and investment by supporting concepts such as a circular economy, which calls for the reduction and ultimate elimination of single-use goods and waste through the recycling of resources and regeneration of natural systems.”

Filippo Rima, Head of Equities at Credit Suisse Asset Management, added:

“We leverage Credit Suisse’s expertise in sustainable investing, our investment capabilities, insights, and resources to deliver investable, sustainable solutions for our clients.”

The Credit Suisse (Lux) Environmental Impact Equity Fund will launch on June 25, 2020.