Business sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis announced the launch of its new Carbon Action Module, aimed at enabling companies to reduce emissions across the supply chain. The company said the new solution will be unveiled at Carbon Week NYC 2020.

Pierre-Francois Thaler, co-CEO of EcoVadis, said:

“The climate crisis demands that we take urgent action to combat the impact of carbon emissions. The greatest opportunity for creating real change is through supply chain action. Our vision is to provide organizations, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, with the tools and know-how needed to address their own carbon footprint reductions, and, in turn, to engage their suppliers to do the same.”

According to EcoVadis, while many company’s have made progress on addressing the emissions impact of their own operations, there is a significant lag in measuring and dealing with emissions that occur in the value chain, where most of the impact actually occurs. The new platform aims to help solve this problem, giving organizations the tools to identify and act on upstream and downstream carbon and GHG emissions. The module addresses the current reporting gap for small and medium-sized businesses by adapting to carbon maturity levels, capacity requirements and engagement modes.

The Carbon Action Module’s initial product roadmap includes:

  • Carbon Ratings and Scorecards that rate suppliers based on carbon and GHG emissions performance and help prioritize the suppliers that will make the biggest impact based on carbon and GHG emission reduction potential.
  • A Carbon Calculator that enables assessed organizations to measure both their indirect and upstream carbon and GHG footprint.
  • Enhanced CSR Metrics that expand the data collection tools required to capture the depth and breadth needed for the Carbon Action Module.

EcoVadis stated that the Carbon Action Module roadmap includes several advanced features, such as ‘hotspot’ mapping to identify the top opportunities for emissions reductions, and carbon reporting tools that allow filtering, segmentation and analysis of data across a portfolio of Rated suppliers.