Environmental, Social, and Governance software, SaaS, and data analytics company ESG Enterprise announced today the launch the Carbon Neutrality Risk Management solution, designed to help companies simultaneously transition to net zero economies while managing transitional and reputational risks.

The new SaaS solution aims to solve the complicated climate data and carbon footprinting challenges involved in net zero initiatives, by automating carbon-capturing with GHG quantification, reduction, and offsets management. The ESG Enterprise platform aims to enable companies to easily design a net zero plan with confidence of meeting their annual goals, and stakeholders to create a future-proof net zero strategy and execution plan with climate modeling and scenario pathways. The platform also offers continuous carbon tracking, allowing companies to easily track carbon emissions from all their assets and value chain.

Alan Lee, ESG Enterprise Founder, and CEO, said:

“We are creating a new future in which climate change becomes an integral part of everyday business. The unique benefit of this solution is that it stress-tests net zero plan and provides clarity on financial risks and opportunities.”

Elaine Santos, CEO of environmental consulting firm ECS Ambiental, added:

“We believe that ESG Enterprise is bringing speed and concrete data to help us to more assertive in our practices. The world is moving fast and we can no longer work with only limited data. For this, ESG Enterprise carbon neutrality solution is important and because it helps us monitor the performance and risks through daily reporting.”