Netherlands-based asset manager NN Investment Partners (NN IP) and MN, one of the largest pension administrators and asset managers of and for Dutch pension funds, announced today that they will combine their emerging market debt teams through the transfer of MN’s EMD team to NN IP. According to a joint statement by the companies, the transfer will allow NN IP and MN to work together to further develop their ESG-integrated EMD investment solutions. The transfer includes the in-house managed EMD assets of around $4 billion. The combined EMD team will consist of 25 investment experts and manage approximately $16 billion.

MN’s EMD team, consisting of six investment experts, has been particularly focused on customised solutions with ESG integration. According to the companies, MN’s ESG capabilities and its knowledge of the pension fund sector will complement NN IP’s institutional market client base, its well-established global EMD platform and analytical framework and its own focus on investment returns and ESG integration.

Edith Siermann, Head of Specialised Fixed Income and Responsible Investing at NN Investment Partners, said:

“The transfer of MN’s EMD team and assets strengthens our EMD team in terms of people and knowledge, and leads to a substantial increase in the asset base. This puts us in a position to offer our clients even more comprehensive and customizable EMD solutions and shows our commitment to the asset class. We are proud to build on our long-standing reputation as an EMD specialist.”

The combined team will be led by Marcin Adamczyk, Head of EMD at NN IP. NN IP and MN stated that the two organisations have a strong cultural fit with a client-centric approach, sharing the same responsible investing ambition, and both offer investment solutions that are backed by extensive EMD research, analytics and client focus.

Hein Brans, Director of Asset Management at MN:

“The old adage is to have your own teams with asset pools that are as large as possible. Although scale remains a relevant driver, we strive to offer the best solution to our clients. In this scenario we can continue to offer competitive fees, tap-in to the extensive EMD knowledge of NN IP, enhance our client servicing and increase continuity. Furthermore, our EMD product design, which fully integrates the ESG- and SDG-related goals of our pension clients, becomes available to a larger audience.”