ESGgo Unveils World’s First One-Click Sustainability Report, Powered by AI, with Different Reporting Templates for Different Use Cases

[Delaware, April 3rd] – ESGgo, the leading provider of AI-driven sustainability solutions, proudly introduces the revolutionary One-Click Sustainability Report, a game-changer in sustainability reporting. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this groundbreaking feature offers users unparalleled reporting autonomy, enabling them to produce comprehensive sustainability reports aligned with any regulation, framework, or stakeholder requirement, whether for internal or external purposes, all with a single click. 

The One-Click Report empowers organizations to streamline their reporting processes, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring compliance with the evolving sustainability standards. With ESGgo’s AI-powered data engine, users can seamlessly process their organization’s data, including numerical and text-based information, calculate emissions, and synthesize datasets to create tailored reports that reflect their unique sustainability journey.

To cater to different use cases and diverse stakeholder needs and to enhance report customization, ESGgo introduces seven new report templates for the One-Click Report, offering flexibility and adaptability in reporting:

  • Full Sustainability Report (according to CSRD, SASB, GRI, SDG’s);
  • Sustainability Snapshot for company website;
  • Product Sustainability Radar;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report;
  • Supplier Sustainability Insight;
  • Board Quarterly Report, and;
  • Compliance-Ready Sustainability Report.

Orly Glick, Founder and CEO of ESGgo, shares her insights on the innovative templates: 

“We are thrilled to empower our users with advanced reporting capabilities that not only automate data collection and analysis but also allow for tailored messaging to various stakeholders. With the introduction of these new templates, organizations can address and synchronize their different sustainability reporting needs efficiently, whether it’s complying with the new SEC climate rules, adhering to CA 253 and 261 regulations, meeting CSRD requirements, or aligning their sustainability corporate marketing narrative for their website.”

ESGgo is dedicated to revolutionizing sustainability reporting, offering companies the essential tools to optimize sustainability efforts at every level of their operations. Developed by AI experts and sustainability experts, ESGgo ensures hyper-fast onboarding, extended functionalities, and an engaging user experience, simplifying the sustainability journey for organizations worldwide.

For further inquiries about the One-Click Report and ESGgo’s sustainability solutions, please contact

About ESGgo:

ESGgo is an AI-powered operating system for sustainability, a one-stop-shop deep tech data engine dedicated to helping enterprises streamline their sustainability efforts and achieve measurable impact. With innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise, ESGgo empowers organizations to navigate the complex landscape of their data variety with confidence and clarity.





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