FarmRaise Introduces Groundbreaking Addition to Software Suite, Revolutionizing Farmer Financial Incentive Programs

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AgTechFarmRaise launched its novel product aimed at transforming the administration of farmer-facing programs, including financial incentives and sustainability programs. This innovative solution marks a significant step forward in empowering farmers and institutions alike with user-friendly tools.

FarmRaise delivers software and educational resources that enable farmers to master their farm funding. With a deep commitment to simplifying farm-specific administrative tasks, FarmRaise develops solutions that are simpler and more impactful than existing small business management systems.

“At FarmRaise, we are dedicated to equipping farmers with the tools they need to thrive,” said Jayce Hafner, CEO at FarmRaise. “Our latest software product represents a game-changer for organizations seeking to administer farmer-facing programs efficiently and effectively.”

FarmRaise’s newest product offers a secure and scalable web application to facilitate the administration of farmer-facing programming for financial incentives, grants and sustainability programs, including programs focused on climate smart agriculture. Institutions can now effortlessly manage farmer enrollment through a streamlined administrative dashboard.

“We’ve changed the status quo,” Sami Tellatin, COO of FarmRaise shared. “Our platform allows farmers to submit applications online directly to the lead organization, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and simplifying the application process for all stakeholders involved.”

The software is currently in use by two large USDA-Climate Smart Commodity grant recipients, the University of Missouri and Blue Diamond Growers.

Dr. Rob Myers at the University of Missouri commented, “FarmRaise developed a custom enrollment app that has allowed farmers to easily sign up for our $25 million climate-smart project through a phone, tablet, or computer. The staff at FarmRaise have been very creative and responsive in meeting our needs for an easy-to-use platform, bringing extensive knowledge of both farm conservation programs and app development to our project.”

With a rapidly expanding network, FarmRaise continues to collaborate with universities, agribusinesses, NGOs, and government agencies to unlock support for climate resilience, on-farm innovation, and multi-generational success.

About FarmRaise:

FarmRaise builds advanced digital tools and educational resources to empower American farmers for unparalleled success. The company’s farm-specific accounting and recordkeeping tool, developed by small farmers for all farmers, simplifies financial management and grants access to vital funding opportunities. With a commitment to fostering resilience and innovation in agriculture, FarmRaise partners with a diverse array of stakeholders to support the prosperity of farmers across the United States.


Media and Partnership Contact:
Sami Tellatin

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