Value chain governance solutions provider ICIX announced today the launch of ESG COLLECT on enterprise cloud marketplace Salesforce AppExchange. The new solution aims to enable customers to collect, manage, and analyze data from value chain partners for factors including Scope 3 emissions, and supplier diversity, among others.

According to ICIX, ESG COLLECT streamlines data collection from supply chain partners to make analysis and reporting efficient for sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The platform includes questionnaires and report templates for ESG for supply chain partners, aligned with leading standards frameworks including GRI, SASB, TCFD, UN SDG, UNGC, WDI, WEF.

Keith Fortson, Chief Customer Office at ICIX, said:

“We are excited to announce ESG COLLECT which provides an efficient way to collect data from suppliers, vendors, facilities or any part of a business’s value chain. ESG Collect extends the ICIX Value Chain Governance solution family. We’re energized by the milestone it represents for our customers and any business that’s looking for solutions to realize objectives for their environmental and social stewardship initiatives.”