Global brokerage firm Interactive Brokers Group announced today the launch of Impact Dashboard, a new interactive tool designed to help clients evaluate and invest in companies that align with their values. The dashboard is free for Interactive Brokers clients to use.

Using Impact Dashboard, investors are able to assess, build and adjust portfolios according to sustainability aspects, by selecting from 13 impact values and principles including Clean Air, Pure Water, Ocean Life, Land Health, Consumer Safety, Ethical Leadership, Gender Equality, Racial Equality, LGBTQ Inclusion, Company Transparency, Sustainable Product Lifecycle, Mindful Business Models and Fair Labor & Thriving Communities.

The tool also enables investors to exclude investments based on ten categories, including animal testing, business ethics controversies, corporate political spending and lobbying, energy-intensive, fossil fuels, greenhouse emissions, hazardous waste, high water usage, tobacco, alcohol and gambling and weapons and gun manufacturers.

Will Peterffy, ESG Director at Interactive Brokers, said:

“The future of sustainable investing begins with the Impact Dashboard, which allows investors to align their portfolios with their values. In a world lacking transparency, the dashboard quickly analyzes and grades your stock portfolio based on your values and presents your holdings through a personalized ‘impact lens’. You can then decide whether to keep your investments or move your capital to companies which better align with what matters most to you. The Impact Dashboard ushers in a new era where moral, ethical, and responsible behavior can begin to be valued in the marketplace.”

According to Interactive Brokers, the Impact Dashboard is currently available in Beta on the professional-grade Trader Workstation, easy-to-use Client Portal and IBKR Mobile app.