European asset manager Lyxor Asset Management Group and US investment management firm Bridgewater Associates announced an agreement to launch a multi-asset sustainability strategy, aiming to meet investors sustainability goals while performing well across various market scenarios. The strategy will be grounded in Bridgewater’s “All Weather” framework, which invests across multiple asset classes, designed to provide financial performance across multiple environments.

According to the companies, the new strategy will leverage Bridgewater’s systematic research process to assess and select public market assets aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and will utilize the portfolio engineering of its All Weather asset allocation framework.

The new strategy is expected to launch in March 2021, and will be available in a UCITS format. The strategy will be managed by Lyxor and sub-advised by Bridgewater.

Nathanael Benzaken, Lyxor’s Chief Client Officer, said:

“Our clients’ appetite for sustainable investing has grown significantly in recent years, with investors setting goals that combine financial and sustainability outcomes. Lyxor’s culture of innovation and recognized ability to design transparent investment frameworks has helped us achieve client goals in this area. We are thrilled to expand our over fifteen-year relationship with Bridgewater with this new venture.”

Brian Kreiter, Bridgewater’s Chief Operating Officer, said:

“The journey of scalable sustainable investing is a strategic priority for Bridgewater and our clients. Using the same research process that we have developed over the last forty years, we have built a systematic process to engineer both the sustainability and financial characteristics of portfolios. We are excited to continue to collaborate with Lyxor in meeting the challenges of global investors.”