Global asset manager M&G Investments announced today the launch of the M&G Sustainable Multi Asset range, a suite of retail funds combining adherence to high ESG standards, impact investment and volatility management.

According to M&G, the funds aim to deliver attractive total returns, within explicit volatility limits, while also making a positive contribution to the climate and society. The new product range includes three individual funds suiting different risk tolerance levels, including Cautious, Balanced and Growth.

The funds will invest in assets with strong ESG credentials, identified with the support of propriety analysis developed by M&G’s stewardship and sustainability team and external providers. M&G also stated that part of each fund’s portfolio, between 20%-50%, will be directed towards impact investments with the explicit aim to address one or more global environmental and/or social challenges. The funds will maintain a climate focus, through a combination of sector exclusions, engagement and an understanding of how companies acknowledge and manage their carbon emissions. M&G also stated that it will provide a sustainable and impact annual report aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals framework.

Maria Municchi, Fund Manager of the M&G Sustainable Multi Asset range, said:

“Across asset classes, sustainable investing can contribute to build a more resilient society. Many customers want their long term savings to produce good financial returns and make a positive contribution to the planet.

“This new family of funds aims to meet this demand, while allowing customers and their advisers to align their fund choice with their individual risk tolerance – as defined by appetite for market volatility.”