Molpus Woodlands Group Expands Scholarship Program

RIDGELAND, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Molpus has expanded the Molpus Woodlands Group Annual Scholarship Program to help bring further diversity to the forestry management profession. Through a partnership with five new universities, the expansion is increasing Molpus’s program to ten universities located throughout the timber growing regions of the U.S.

Five new scholarships are being awarded through this expansion. These scholarships will be available to students in accounting and forestry. The five new universities partnering with Molpus are Auburn University (forestry), Louisiana State University (accounting), Michigan Technical University (forestry), Stephen F. Austin State University (forestry), and the University of Idaho (forestry).

These scholarships are in addition to seven other scholarships being awarded at five universities in forestry, GIS, paralegal studies, and business. Those partnering universities are Mississippi State University (forestry and GIS), the University of Southern Mississippi (GIS and paralegal), Jackson State University (business), the University of Kentucky (forestry), and the University of Georgia (forestry).

“These scholarships are designed to help build diversity in the next generation of professionals within our company and the entire forestry sector,” said Terrell Winstead, President & CEO of Molpus. “We have a rich heritage of helping lead our industry in the ever-evolving world of sustainable timberland management. We believe that adding these five new quality universities reflects our continued commitment to positively shaping our industry’s bright future.”

About Molpus

The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC (Molpus), an SEC registered investment adviser, acquires, manages, and sells timberland as an investment vehicle for pension funds, college endowments, foundations, insurance companies, and high-net-worth individual investors. Molpus currently manages over 1.7 million acres of timberland investments in 15 states. We incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies and practices into investment analysis and decision-making. We believe our strong ESG initiatives have positive implications for the environment and the future of Molpus. Molpus was founded in 1996 as a timber investment management organization and has a company legacy dating back to 1905. Molpus is one of the oldest timber-related companies in the United States.

For more information, visit Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to subscribe for or buy any security with respect to any fund. In considering the performance of investments referred to in these materials, prospective timberland investors should keep in mind that prior performance of Molpus investments is not indicative of future results, and there can be no assurance that Molpus will achieve comparable results in the future.


Michael R. Cooper

Executive Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development

The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC

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