Consumer digital finance platform MoneyLion announced today the launch of new thematic investment solutions, including ESG-aligned portfolios. The new solutions are powered by industry leaders Global X ETFs and Wilshire.

Dee Choubey, MoneyLion CEO, said:

“In today’s world, people want to feel like they’re investing in something bigger, something that has the potential to change the world. Our new thematic portfolios put our member’s interests and passions first. We’ve built an incredible managed investment platform for our members, many of whom are first-time investors, and with the launch of thematic investing, we’re allowing our members to further personalize and strengthen their MoneyLion investment accounts based on their personal interests and preferences.”

MoneyLion stated that its new thematic investment solutions are designed to enable to invest in portfolios that reflect their personal preferences, interests and passions, such as clean energy, artificial intelligence, and social responsibility. The portfolios are offered as part of MoneyLion’s fully managed investing offering, and members will be able to include their new thematic portfolios within their existing investment accounts.

The ESG-themed portfolio launched by MoneyLion is titled “Greater Good.” It consists of ETFs aligned to companies that exhibit positive ESG characteristics, and is powered by Wilshire. The company also introduced “Future Innovation,” focused on disruptive technologies, and a dividend paying theme, “Earn & Grow.”

Jon Stevenson, Head of Wealth Management for MoneyLion, said:

“Global X ETFs and Wilshire are clear thought leaders in the investment industry, offering timely, targeted solutions for investors, often across investment themes, which have traditionally been difficult to access in a managed portfolio. The addition of these portfolio solutions offered to MoneyLion members is a natural extension of our mission to deliver institutional quality investment offerings to our members. We are incredibly excited to give our clients access to models like the ESG, innovation and equity income portfolios.”