Index and market services provider Nasdaq has announced the release of a new ESG reporting platform, designed to help issuers more easily manage ESG-related data and disclosures.

The new product is aimed at addressing the complexity of managing multiple frameworks in the emerging, and largely non-standardized world of sustainability reporting. It will help companies by streamlining the data gathering and ESG reporting workflow, and to more efficiently share data with ratings agencies and stakeholders.

Nelson Griggs, President of Nasdaq Stock Exchange, said, “Our clients face several challenges with the ESG reporting process, including the lack of control over data management, and survey fatigue due to the variety of raters and reporting frameworks, and we are uniquely positioned to solve for these challenges.”

Nasdaq’s new ESG reporting platform will support multiple frameworks, including:

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)




Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)


Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). 

Source: Nasdaq

The ESG Reporting Platform adds to Nasdaq’s suite of ESG products and services including:

ESG Reporting Platform, offers an easier way to manage ESG-related data and disclosures

ESG Advisory solution that pairs companies with consultative ESG expertise to help companies analyze, assess and action best-practices ESG programs with the goals of attracting long-term capital and enhancing value

Nasdaq Boardvantage®, a collaboration solution for boards, committees and leadership teams designed to drive governance excellence through organizations

Center for Board Excellence (CBE) delivering consultative services and technology that drive board excellence through board and CEO evaluations and digital director and officer questionnaires and disclosure solutions

Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network, designed to improve transparency for U.S. and EU-based green, social and sustainability bonds

Nordic Sustainable Bond Market, designed to highlight sustainable investment opportunities that attract investors with a green, social or sustainable investment agenda

Source: Nasdaq

The expanding list of ESG products come in response to growing demand for sustainability solutions from both corporate issuers and investors. As we reported earlier this week at ESG Today, Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman recently expressed her belief that ESG integration is finally becoming mainstream in U.S. investing, predicting that 2020 will likely be a “tipping point” for sustainability investing.