One Banana presents its 2022 Sustainability Report: A future built to last

CORAL GABLES, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–One Banana, the Better Banana Company, presented its ninth Sustainability Report. This report provides an updated overview of the performance of AgroAmerica’s banana division and the achievements made in 2022 through its Corporate Sustainability Strategy.

“We are pleased to announce that the year 2022 marks the final chapter of our current strategy, as well as the starting point of a significant transformation. In this process, our strong foundation in sustainability will drive a new robust integrated strategy that will shape our path in 2023-24. This exciting step will lead us to continuous improvement and a more sustainable future,” explained Fernando Bolaños, CEO of AgroAmerica.

Using a regenerative approach, our company undertakes actions aimed at promoting soil health, resource conservation, biodiversity preservation, and the reduction of carbon emissions. As part of this strategy, One Banana has initiated a project, unique in the region, that protects bees and other pollinators in forest conservation areas located in our operations.

Some of the highlighted achievements included in this report:

  • The installation of a macro sanctuary to house and protect more than 30,000 native bees and pollinators.
  • Receiving the “Grand Prize in Business Sustainability” from the American Chamber of Commerce for our “Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Project” on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.
  • Obtaining the “upcycled” certification in the production of natural ingredients.
  • The transformation of over 222 million bananas into sustainable certified “upcycled” food ingredients.
  • The generation of over 12,000 direct and indirect jobs that promote gender equality and development opportunities for our employees, their families, and our neighboring communities.
  • Contributing to 11 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Holding 12 international certifications related to good practices, sustainable operations, and food quality and safety.
  • The conservation of more than 970 hectares of forests in areas within our company’s operations.

“In 2022, we carried out social responsibility initiatives that are part of both our sustainability and business strategy. We are a world-class company that adapts to global market challenges through sustainable evolution, allowing us to offer high-value-added products to our customers,” stated Robert Adams, President of One Banana.

This report shows our path forward with a renewed focus on sustainability, and reaffirms our company’s commitment to the environment, society, and governance in the production of high-quality sustainable food.

See full report here.


Susana Perez

Communications and Public Relations Coordinator
(+502) 5554-8774

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