Saison Information Systems Accelerates Just Transition with Mission-Driven 1% of Operating Income Donation

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 9640, hereafter “Saison Information Systems”) is proud to announce that it donated 1% of its operating income to several nonprofits that are aligned with its mission and corporate materiality. This year, the total gift amount is USD $153,000, and this is the first time it has made corporate donations with the goal of accelerating its mission-driven management practices towards a more sustainable society.

Saison Information Systems is integrating sustainability practices within its main business and daily operations. The company established a dedicated department and a management committee at the highest level in March. The purpose of all these efforts is to acknowledge the necessity of making strategic corporate contributions by improving its own business practices and supporting nonprofit organizations focused on critical social issues. One example is climate change, because progress has been hindered by the lack of public and private funds.

This year, Saison Information Systems’ prioritized donation themes are as follows:

  1. Bridging the digital divide for the visually impaired, based on the theme:Connecting data all over the world to create a society where everyone can utilize data.”

    Saison Information Systems is supporting the Japan Braille Library and the Japan Vocational Development Center for the Blind and Low Vision that will provide a digital skill training nationwide for the visually impaired to improve information access. Necessary digital devices and software such as smartphone, PC and screen readers will be also purchased.
  2. Supporting opportunities for the economically distressed including women and children, based on the theme: “Value creation through engaging diverse talents.”

    HULFT, Inc., the USA and Europe subsidiary of Saison Information Systems, selected the Samaritan House in San Mateo, California, and the Child Poverty Action Group in the United Kingdom, a local NGO near the London office. HULFT Pte. Ltd., chose to fund the Children’s Wishing Well in Singapore, and the Equitable Education Fund in Thailand that focuses on a fair educational opportunity. Saison Information Systems chose a food supply program of the Single Mothers Forum and the Japan Student Services Organization, the most well-known scholarship provider. It will also sponsor a complementary camp program hosted by the Usnova for elementary and junior high school kids in need.
  3. Ensuring peaceful living and wellbeing, based on the theme: “Preserving the global environment and resources and strengthening disaster measures.”

    Natural resources, businesses and our lives are inseparable. This is particularly true in the tech industry, where business expansion causes environmental impacts such as increased greenhouse gas emissions and natural resources including conflict mineral usage. With the Saison Information Systems donation in West Java Province in Indonesia, a reforestation project will be resumed by the Conservation International and the local community. An additional donation to As You Sow will address with social inequalities and environmental challenges.

Saison Information Systems will continue multiple efforts to make the world better. The details of the donation and endorsements from the organizations can be viewed the links below.

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About Saison Information Systems

With the mission of Connecting data all over the world to create a society where everyone can utilize data, Saison Information Systems (TOKYO: 9640) globally offers top-tier data management products including HULFT and IT services that form safe and secure basis, as well as mission critical systems for a wide variety of industries over a half century. Its solid capabilities and experiences advance businesses and pave the way to a sustainable future beyond digital transformation. Intensive investment on technologies leads cutting-edge product such as HULFT Square, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), and other solutions for the era of change.


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Rie Sugihara (Ms.)

Deputy Director, Corporate Planning and Sustainability Department,

Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.

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