Zycus’ landmark investment in ESG with Lythouse, the Maximum ESG Platform

ROSEMONT, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zycus, renowned for its pioneering role in Cognitive Procurement for over two decades, has now made a significant foray into the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) arena with an investment in Lythouse, a groundbreaking initiative promising to transform the landscape of corporate sustainability.

Zycus always had the first mover advantage in AI, and that became a great steppingstone for driving the most accurate carbon emissions, especially Scope 3 with highly granular AI-powered spend classification.

Aatish Dedhia, Founder & CEO, Zycus, said, “Our unique blend of experience and cutting-edge technology, which has been transforming sourcing, procurement, and supplier value management for years, positions us ideally to guide organizations towards more sustainable supply chains and business practices.”

“Commitment to sustainability is not for the half-hearted”

It’s proactive, not reactive, steps that will address sustainability challenges for large enterprises. Increasing investor demand and regulatory pressures are compelling enterprises to comply.

There’s special interest arising from the FMCG, Auto & Transport, IT, Chemical & Pharma, Retail industries, looking to trailblaze what true ESG adoption and action looks like.

And while we’ve seen ESG starting to be championed by primarily US & European organizations, there is now a global appreciation for the importance of working towards sustainable goals and taking responsibility by taking action.

Accurate reporting is vital to avoid regulatory and reputational risks, but it is only a part of the broader vision for sustainability. Lythouse emerges as a solution, offering steadfast support for a “whole-hearted commitment to sustainability.”

Product Launches and Key Takeaways

Lythouse-“Maximum ESG Platform,” features need-of-the-hour modules such as Carbon Analyzer, ESG Goal Navigator, Green Supplier Network, and ESG Reporting. These tools are designed to enable streamlined ESG data collection, improved green supplier engagement, performance tracking, cohesive internal & external collaboration for building a sustainability culture.

Lythouse can integrate natively with Zycus and cohesively connect with any third-party business app such as ERPs, Finance systems, S2P platforms, HRMS, spreadsheet etc. to boost agility, accuracy and automation.

A Call to ACTion

Lythouse empowers Chief Sustainability Officers to ensure that their organization can ACT – Account, Comply, and Transform their ESG initiatives.

Illuminate your ESG journey with Lythouse

Visit the Lythouse website to learn more about how our products can transform your organization’s approach to ESG.


Sonal Sharma


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