Ab InBev, the world’s largest brewer, announced that it is launching Eclipse, a new supplier collaboration platform designed to advance climate action, circular packaging, water stewardship and smart agriculture.

Eclipse is the first of its kind in the beverage industry, bringing the company’s vast network of suppliers and partners together to collaborate and make progress on shared sustainability goals.  The platform offers educational webinars and workshops with sector experts, and provides opportunities to share best practices.

Ab InBev has a long history of working together with suppliers sustainable solutions in the beverage industry, with recent supplier collaborations leading to the introduction of alternative fuel delivery trucks, and eco-friendly coolers in every zone where the operates gloabally. Earlier this year, working in partnership with container manufacturer Ball Corporation, Ab InBev’s Bud Light introduced football fans to the first-ever aluminum cup at Super Bowl LIV, producing 50,000 infinitely recyclable aluminum cups to reduce single-use plastic and waste during this year’s big game.

Ab InBev announced that several major suppliers have already joined Eclipse, including Ardagh, OI, Rio Tinto, International Paper, Iberdrola,  ValFilm, BYD, Nikola, San Carlos, CanPack, Novozymes, and ADM, among others.

Ab InBev has been actively working towards improving its sustainability profile, and working towards achieving its ambitious 2025 Sustainability goals, established in 2018. Since that time, the company has improved our water efficiency by nearly 10% and energy efficiency by 6%, and has also contracted 60% of its global electricity volume from renewable sources. More than 40% of the company’s volume is in returnable packaging. The company has also reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from operations by more than 13%, and is working with tens of thousands of farmers around the world to ensure they’re skilled, connected and financially empowered.