Industrial gases company Air Products announced today that it has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH2A), a group of companies committed to expanding and implementing hydrogen technologies by 2030.

The alliance was launched earlier this summer, following the European Commission’s presentation of an EU Hydrogen Strategy, and has rapidly grown to over 250 members. The strategy places renewable hydrogen in a key role in reaching the regions’ ambitious climate targets, given the element’s capability to act as a clean feedstock, fuel and energy carrier. The alliance aims to promote demand for low-carbon hydrogen from sectors such as industry and mobility, as well as the development of hydrogen transmission and distribution.

According to Air Products, the company is the world’s largest hydrogen producer with expertise across every aspect of the “Hydrogen for Mobility” value chain, placing it in a strong position to advance the alliance’s goals of connecting renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, transmission and distribution as well as demand from industry, mobility and other sectors. 

Caroline Stancell, European Hydrogen for Mobility and Energy Transition General Manager at Air Products, said:

“From production to distribution to stations, we know about hydrogen and the vital role it can play in the EU energy transition.  We also know that – to unlock its full potential – collaborating with other experts in the hydrogen value chain is critical. Joining the ECH2A brings together important voices that can and will make a big difference in achieving a thriving hydrogen ecosystem in Europe.”