Ratings agency Fitch Ratings announced the launch of a new interactive ESG dashboard for financial institutions, as well as an updated and enhanced interactive ESG Relevance heatmap, with regional and sub-regional selection capabilities.

The new dashboard shows the distribution of Fitch’s ESG Relevance Scores (ESG.RS) for 1,039 global banks, insurers and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), allowing users to view scores adjusted by region, sub-region, sector and sub-sector.

According to Fitch, the dashboard shows that ESG risks influence rating decisions for 20% of banks, 3% of insurers and 28% of NBFIs as of end-June 2020, with governance risks once again the most relevant for rating decisions. 15% of financial institution issuers scored ‘4’ or more in at least one governance category, compared to 2% for social risks and 1% for environmental risks. ESG risks are more relevant for emerging market rating decisions, with 28% of issuers scoring ‘4’ or more for at least one element compared to 9% of issuers in developed markets.