UK-based financial advisory firm Foster Denovo announced today that it has launched the Sustainable Dynamic Portfolios (SDPs), as part of the firm’s FD Dynamic Portfolios offering. According to Foster Denovo, the new SDPs will be invested on a discretionary basis and maintain a clear focus on the client’s financial path and risk profile, while taking into consideration clear sustainable and ESG criteria.

Roger Brosch, CEO, Foster Denovo said:

“It is indisputable that the sustainability of investments is a key theme that has emerged across all financial sectors, and financial planning is no exception. Clients are becoming increasingly aware of this fact, and it is imperative that we respond to this demand and offer this type of investment service by innovating our proposition to suit client requirements.”

According to Foster Denovo, the new sustainable portfolio offerings are being introduced as investors are becoming increasingly interested in taking wider sustainable factors into account in their investments, and in setting the management of ESG risk factors to asset growth as a priority.

Declan McAndrew, Head of Investment Research at Foster Denovo, said:

“This new range of Sustainable Dynamic Portfolios will offer clients an investment proposition that aims to combine risk adjusted performance with the peace of mind that their capital is being invested in companies that have a positive future and a long-term outlook. The benefits of sustainable investing are clear, and we are delighted to offer our clients a way of accessing this theme through our well-regarded and popular Dynamic Portfolios range.”

Foster Denovo stated that it has partnered with ESG fund research specialist Worthstone to perform ongoing risk assessments on the portfolios, both from an investment perspective and from a sustainability perspective.

Gavin Francis, Director, Worthstone added:

“A sustainable investment solution has to do so much more than look good, it has to be good! Authenticity is key in this area and we are proud to partner with Foster Denovo in order to help ensure positive impact is generated from the portfolios to meet stated client needs.”