Apparel company HanesBrands announced a wide-ranging series of new 2030 sustainability commitments. The company’s new goals include setting science-based environmental targets, addressing the use of plastics and sustainable raw materials in products and packaging, and health and wellness initiatives to improve the lives of millions pf people.

According to HanesBrands, the company’s sustainability efforts fall under the categories of “people, planet and product,” and are being developed in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The company also announced that it has signed the Science Based Targets Call-to-Action Commitment Letter, pledging the company to develop science-based targets by 2022.

HanesBrands CEO Stephen B. Bratspies, said:

“Our 2030 global sustainability goals across all three people, planet and product platforms expand our efforts to address key challenges that will make the world a more comfortable, livable and inclusive place. As a global industry leader, HanesBrands has an opportunity to make a greater impact through our workplace practices, environmental stewardship and community building initiatives. We’re ramping up our efforts to pursue ambitious goals that will connect our strategies with the global priorities of the U.N. SDGs to improve the lives of people, protect the planet and ensure world-class sustainable products.”

Some of the key commitments outlined by the company include:

  • People: By 2030, HanesBrands will improve the lives of at least 10 million people through health and wellness programs, diversity and inclusion initiatives, improved workplace quality, and philanthropic efforts that improve local communities.
  • Planet: By 2030, HanesBrands will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25% to align with science-based targets, reduce water use by 25%, use 100% renewable electricity in company-owned operations, and bring landfill waste to zero.
  • Product: At an even quicker pace, HanesBrands will eliminate all single-use plastics and reduce packaging weight by 25% while also moving to 100% recycled polyester and sustainably sourced cotton.

Chris Fox, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, HanesBrands, said:

“As a global industry leader, it is critical for us to have a strong plan in place to become better stewards of our planet, advocates for our people, and to continue to develop products that are made from the best possible combination of sustainable materials and innovative technology. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, so we sustain our commitment to them and to being community-minded and environmentally conscious. Our 2030 global goals will lead our sustainability journey into the next decade.”

Bratspies added:

“The world needs all of us to do better, and we will. We’ve done a lot, but we must do more. Whether you call it sustainability, or just being as good as we can be, it’s a big deal to me. And it’s a big deal to HanesBrands.”