Chemical company INEOS announced today the launch of a new sustainability commitment to reach climate neutrality at all sites in Antwerp by 2050, a goal which the company says takes into account the EU’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030. The company stated that it is committed to investment in hydrogen technology as a core part of its future business, and announced a new investment in a new cracker and Propane Dehydrogenisation Unit known as Project ONE.

Hans Casier CEO INEOS Belgium said:

“We have a clear, achievable road-map to effectively contribute to a reduction of emissions from our sites in Antwerp which includes changing to green power and clean heat, reusing hydrogen and CO2, further investment in electrification and where appropriate switching to recycled or bio-feedstock.

“Our investment will deliver significant beneficial reductions. Our focus is to avoid the production of CO2 in the first place rather than waiting to collect and store it later, although this may still be important for us in years to come.”

INEOS will undertake several initiatives in order to achieve the emissions reductions required under its new goal, including implementing fuel switching and green technology, optimizing its existing carbon capture activity, collaborating in industrial waste hear and steam networks in the region, investments in electrification, and increasing use of hydrogen in chemical processes and power plants. The company is also involved in the ambitious ‘Power to Methanol’ project for sustainable methanol production at Lillo.

According to INEOS, the company views hydrogen technology as a game changer. The company plans to invest in this area, building on its expertise in production, technology, storage and handling of this important “fuel of the future.” The company stated that it is already involved in new projects that will transform production, transport and energy networks and plans to commercialise the opportunities these present.

Casier added:

“All these activities will be underpinned by an ongoing drive to improve the energy and resource efficiency of our processes. We are actively working across all our businesses and sites to significantly reduce our GHG emissions.”