Personal care and beauty company L’Oréal announced today the launch of the company’s new sustainability program, “L’Oréal for the future.” The new program is targeted to address growing environmental and social challenges, through sustainability and inclusion commitments that L’Oréal is making for its operations through 2030.

  • The environmental and social commitments made by the company today include:
  • Achieving carbon neutrality through energy efficiency and use of 100% renewable energy at all L’Oréal sites by 2025.
  • Moving to recycled or bio-based sources for 100% of the plastics used in L’Oréal’s products’ packaging by 2030.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% per finished product by 2030.
  • Allocating €150 million to address urgent social and environmental issues.

According to the company, the quantifiable targets were chosen to address climate change in line with the Science Based Targets initiative. L’Oréal announced that in addition to climate-specific activities, it is targeting 3 other environmental goals, namely preservation of biodiversity, sustainable water management and circular use of resources.

L’Oréal has also developed a Product Environmental & Social Impact Labelling mechanism, enabling consumers to make more sustainable choices. The labelling system scores products on a scale from A to E, with “A” being best-in-class in terms of environmental impact.  The system, verified by an external auditor, will be progressively deployed for all of the company’s brands and categories. Hair care brand Garnier is the first brand to roll out the new system.

Commenting on today’s announcement, and the company’s sustainability commitment, Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal, said:

“L’Oréal’s sustainable revolution is entering a new era. The challenges the planet is facing are unprecedented, and it is essential to accelerate our efforts to preserve a safe operating space for humanity. We do so in our own business operations and in our contribution to the society at large. We know that the biggest challenges remain to come and L’Oréal will stay faithful to its ambition: operate within the limits of the planet.”

Alexandra Palt, L’Oréal Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, added:

“Over the past decade, we have profoundly transformed our company, putting sustainability at the very core of our business model. With our new commitments, we are entering a new phase of acceleration of that transformation: going beyond our direct environmental impact, helping consumers to make more sustainable choices, as well as generating positive social and environmental contribution. As an industry leader, we consider that it is our role to contribute to building an inclusive and sustainable society.”