Technology giant Microsoft and one of Europe’s largest utilities, Sweden-based electricity and heat provider Vattenfall announced that the companies’ 24/7 Matching solution will be used in Microsoft’s new data centers in Sweden, in support of the company’s renewable energy goals.

Microsoft has made a commitment to use 100% renewable energy in their buildings and datacenters globally by 2025. The goal forms part of Microsoft’s sustainability strategy, including its “moonshot” target to achieve carbon negative status by 2030, announced earlier this year.

Microsoft and Vattenfall piloted the 24/7 Matching solution last year. The system is designed to match production and consumption of renewable energy over short time increments, enabling more complete use of renewables by companies, and providing better transparency regarding energy use and climate impact.

Andreas Regnell, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Development at Vattenfall, said:

“It is exciting to see how the 24/7 Matching solution has matured from the initial pilot one year ago, to a fully functional solution today. Having the electricity supply agreement in place, with 100 percent wind and hydro power, makes it possible for us to fully support Microsoft´s goals in Sweden. Fossil free energy, digital solutions and technologies are important to enable a fossil free living.

“With this first large-scale application of the 24/7 Matching solution in the Swedish datacenters, Microsoft move the bar yet again.”

Noelle Walsh, Corporate Vice-President, Cloud Operations + Innovation, Microsoft, said:

“On our journey, we recognize that innovating in how we track and manage energy use is important in reaching our goal. Microsoft’s development of datacenters in Sweden will be powered from 100 percent renewable energy sources. The datacenters will be among the most sustainably designed and operated in the world and will achieve zero-waste certification. Our plans to establish datacenters in Sweden, which are a part of Microsoft´s investments in Sweden to accelerate innovation and digital transformation, mark a significant commitment to support local innovation and growth. We’re grateful to Vattenfall for the collaboration on this leading energy matching solution in Sweden that has far-reaching potential.”