Railway company Norfolk Southern announced that it has signed the Operation Clean Sweep Pledge, aimed at eliminating plastic pollution, and to prevent the release of micro plastics into marine ecosystems.

Operation Clean Sweep was developed by the American Chemistry Council and the Plastics Industry Association with the goal of preventing resin pellet, flake, and powder loss and to keep this material out of the marine environment. The organization helps plastic resin handling operations implement good housekeeping in support of these goals.

Norfolk Southern Chief Marketing Officer Alan Shaw said:

“As part of the pledge, Norfolk Southern will work to achieve zero loss of plastic resin into the environment. We are developing an extensive education campaign to raise awareness among our employees and we will increase our scrutiny to make sure the hopper cars we transport are properly secured and sealed.

“Freight rail plays an important role in the chemical and plastics industry, and with that comes a duty to support the industry in its efforts to promote environmental responsibility.”

Josh Raglin, Norfolk Southern Chief Sustainability Officer Josh, said:

“This pledge is an opportunity for Norfolk Southern to lead by example. Stewardship of resources is embedded in our business strategy. This effort will join our long list of actions and commitments to protecting the environment and supporting our communities, like our carbon mitigation programs, low-emission locomotives, land conservation, and living shoreline projects.”