Volvo Group subsidiary Renault Trucks announced today the delivery of its first D Wide Z.E all-electric truck to Carlsberg Group’s Feldschlösschen subsidiary. The delivery marks the first in the brewery’s twenty truck order, aimed at helping to decarbonize its distribution activities.

The 26 ton D Wide Z.E is part of Renault Trucks’ lineup of all electric vehicles which range from 3.1 to 26 tons, aimed for a variety of urban uses, from waste collection to distribution.

According to the companies, the use of electric vehicles for distribution is part of Carlsberg’s ‘Together Towards ZERO’ sustainability program, in which the company aims for “ZERO carbon footprint, ZERO water waste, ZERO irresponsible drinking and a ZERO accidents culture.” Feldschlösschen stated that in support of these goals, the company’s distribution operations will use renewable electricity for the last few miles and rail transport for long distances.

Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks, said:

“I’m convinced that electric mobility is the solution when it comes to environmental and climate issues, both for ourselves and for future generations. I’m delighted that Renault Trucks is supporting Feldschlösschen and Carlsberg, a pioneering group when it comes to investing in electric technology. The transportation industry is experiencing a major shift. Our industry is set to change more in the next ten years than it has over the past century and through this partnership Carlsberg and Renault Trucks are showing the way forward.”

Thomas Amstutz, CEO of Feldschlösschen, added:

“We are proud to see our pioneering work with electric trucks, which began several years ago now, finally paying off. We are the first company in Switzerland and even Europe to use these environmentally friendly trucks for beverage transport. Our ambition is to take on a leading role not only in the development of beers and beverages, but also in beverage logistics and climate protection.”