Impact Investment Management firm Triodos Investment Management announced today that it has appointed Hans Stegeman to lead the firm’s new Investment Strategy division, in the new role of Chief Investment Strategist.

The new division at Triodos will be responsible for setting and guiding the firm’s overall investment strategy. Triodos created the division recognizing the need to prioritise the development of strategic views on topical issues, including a solid, integrated vision of a future more sustainable world, to help enable the firm to focus on its goal of generating positive impact central stage for all its investments. The Investment strategy division combines the vision and opinion building competencies together under one roof, strengthening the firm’s voice in the outside world, and contributing to finding new opportunities and making better investments.

Hans Stegeman joined Triodos in 2017, and has been serving as the firm’s Head of Investment Analysis and Economics. In that role he set up and lead the team of researchers/investment analysts for investments in Triodos’ Impact Equity and Bond Strategies. Prior to joining Triodos, he was Chief economist Netherlands at Rabobank, heading the firm’s national economic research department.

Commenting in his new role, and the new Investment Strategy department, Stegeman said:

“Impact investing requires more than a strategy based on past and current developments.It requires a clear view about what world we want to live in, about which transition is needed to reach that goal. I am very happy to be able to contribute to that transition in this new role and create impact for our investment strategies with the team.”