One of Europe’s largest utilities, Sweden-based electricity and heat provider Vattenfall announced today that it has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, a group of companies committed to expanding and implementing hydrogen technologies by 2030.

The alliance was launched earlier this summer, following the European Commission’s presentation of an EU Hydrogen Strategy, and has rapidly grown to over 250 members. The strategy places renewable hydrogen in a key role in reaching the regions’ ambitious climate targets, given the element’s capability to act as a clean feedstock, fuel and energy carrier. The alliance aims to promote demand for low-carbon hydrogen from sectors such as industry and mobility, as well as the development of hydrogen transmission and distribution.

Gunnar Groebler, Senior Vice President Business Area Wind and Vattenfall’s representative in the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, said:

“As a fully integrated European utility, Vattenfall is investing in the growth of renewable energy sources, in particular offshore wind, in various European markets. With wind energy as a crucial source for renewable hydrogen projects we are aiming to further implement hydrogen technology in collaboration with  industrial partners in various sectors to thereby help achieve climate neutrality in Europe. Being part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is a great opportunity for us to use our experience, expertise and strengths to actively contribute to the creation of a European hydrogen market.”

Vattenfall stated that it sees a role for renewable hydrogen in the low-carbon future, particularly in applications involving sectors that are difficult to decarbonise, such as steel, refineries and heavy-duty transport. The company has already embarked on efforts to bring hydrogen technology to these sectors, such as the HYBRIT collaboration, established in 2017 between Vattenfall, steel producer SSAB and mining company LKAB.