Mortgage financing giant Fannie Mae announced that it has appointed Jeffery Hayward to the newly created position of Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. In the new role, Hayward will be responsible for leading the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG); Human Resources; Diversity & Inclusion efforts, as well as the Enterprise Workplace teams.

David C. Benson, President, Fannie Mae, said:

“We’re fortunate to have someone of Jeff’s unique experience and talent to help us mobilize our most important asset — our human capital. He understands both the moral urgency and competitive value of diversity and inclusion to our own organization and to the broader housing industry. Jeff has the passion, energy, and commercial mindset needed to forge new, creative partnerships with others who share our willingness to invest intellectual, human, and financial capital in change that is lasting and meaningful.”

Hayward joined Fannie Mae in 1987, and most has served for the past 8 years as Head of the company’s Multifamily business. According to Fannie Mae, the newly created role of Chief Administrative Officer reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to affordable housing, diversity and inclusion, and leading the industry with the company’s ESG efforts.

Hayward said:

“I am thrilled to take the helm of the newly created Chief Administrative Officer organization. We will continue to address the urgent need for affordable housing in our country and our focus on becoming a leading ESG company. We will continue to build a workforce that will take us successfully into the future. And we will double down on our crucial work to foster diversity and ensure inclusion in the workplace.”