Integrated solid waste services company Waste Connections announced today a series of new long-term sustainability targets, along with a commitment to invest more than $500 million in pursuit of these goals. The new commitments were introduced with the release of the company’s 2020 Sustainability Report.

Waste Connections has established a set of 15-year targets, using 2018 as a base year for comparison. The company’s goals include a 50% increase in emissions offsets, a 40% increase in biogas recovered, and a recycling commitment to expand resources recovered by 50%, among others.

The $500 million investments to be made by the company will focus on these areas, including initiatives to reduce emissions, increase resource recovery of both recyclable commodities and biogas, reduce reliance on off-site disposal for landfill leachate, increasing employee engagement, and further improving the company’s safety performance.

In the introduction to the company’s new sustainability report, Worthing F. Jackman, Waste Connections President and Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Environmental, organizational and financial sustainability initiatives have been key components of our success since we were founded in 1997. We remain committed to growing and expanding these efforts as our industry and technology continue to evolve.”