American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) announced today the introduction of a new feature in Neo, its corporate travel and expense software, enabling travelers to filter search results for air and rail tickets in order of their carbon emissions. The new feature was announced along with GBT’s publication of its 2019 ESG report.

As environmental and climate change concerns have emerged as key issues in the public consciousness, and in the eyes of investors, travel has come under particular scrutiny as a major GHG emitter. Air travel alone is estimated to account for approximately 2.5% of global emissions. Responding to the demand for ESG-friendly business practices, many travel companies including airlines and travel management companies have launched ambitious sustainability programs and features. GBT, for example, announced earlier this year its goal to become carbon neutral across all its operations.

Commenting on the new emissions filter feature and the demand for sustainable travel, Andrew Crawley, GBT’s Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“Sustainable travel remains a top priority for the corporate community. We have spoken to our customers and travelers, and we share their desire to carve out the most sustainable path forward for our industry. The new Neo emissions filter lets travelers consider their carbon footprint.”

Expanding on GBT’s ESG commitments and accomplishments, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer Si-Yeon Kim, added:

“If we have learned anything from recent months, it’s that societies and economies suffer when people movement is restricted. It has strengthened our belief that travel is a force for good, enriching our cultural ties and powering economies across the world.

“We take a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that interconnects all GBT’s ESG initiatives. 2019 was a landmark year, with teams across the company driving our ESG standards to new heights. While we are proud of our progress, we know there is still much more work to do.”