Edgewell Personal Care Company, owner of personal care consumer brands including Schick, Playtex, Banana Boat, and Hawaiian Tropic, among others, today launched a new sustainability strategy. The new strategy, Sustainable Care 2030, includes 10 overarching commitments and 27 actionable targets that the company aims to achieve over the next ten years.

The new targets include:

  • The use of 100% renewable electricity,
  • Reducing use of virgin petroleum-based plastic content in products and packaging,
  • Using 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable plastic packaging,
  • Reducing waste by 10% and pursuing zero waste to landfill across production facilities, and
  • Drive a sustainability culture by ensuring each global location has a sustainability program to take action on localized efforts.

Edgewell also announced commitments to enhance its social efforts, including promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce, and implementing a comprehensive refreshed global Employee Experience strategy.

Commenting on the company’s renewed sustainability efforts, Rod Little, Edgewell President and CEO, said:

“Sustainability is an important strategic driver for us, and core to future-proofing our business. As we continue to evolve our brands and our business, we will focus on engagement with environmental and social issues, which provide a considerable opportunity for growth – driven, in part, by sustainable product innovation and operations. In an increasingly uncertain world, what is certain is that we will continue to create products that people love to use and maintain brands that our colleagues can be proud of, all while caring for tomorrow, today.”

Click here to see the full set of commitments and targets in Edgewell’s new Sustainable Care 2030 strategy.