Global asset management company Affiliated Managers Group (AMG) announced today an agreement to acquire a minority equity interest in Boston Common Asset Management, a women-owned and led global equity manager dedicated to integrated ESG impact investing.

Jay C. Horgen, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMG, said:

“We have deep respect for Boston Common’s consistent investment process, strong long-term track record, and extraordinary expertise in sustainable investing. Geeta Aiyer, founder of the firm, has been recognized as a leader in ESG and impact investing for more than 30 years. AMG’s partnership with Boston Common further enhances our strategic participation in ESG investing, an area that is one of the fastest-growing segments in the investment industry, and an increasingly significant focus for clients globally. Boston Common has demonstrated that excellent investment performance can be generated when the pursuit of financial return and social change are intertwined. We are delighted to welcome Geeta, Allyson McDonald, CEO, and their partners to our Affiliate group and pleased to invest in another women-owned and -led firm.”

Boston Common’s investment process combines traditional financial analysis with in-house ESG research to identify innovative companies that not only offer attractive, risk-adjusted long-term investment returns, but also provide products or services with positive societal impact. According to Boston Common, the firm integrates ESG at every step of the research and investment process, from defining its investable universe, to stock selection and portfolio construction, utilizing comprehensive ESG criteria. The firm also advocates meaningful improvements to company practices, products, and policies through active engagement and proxy voting.

Allyson McDonald, CEO of Boston Common Asset Management, said:

“We believe that AMG’s distribution platform and relationships with global asset owners will meaningfully enhance the growth of Boston Common’s integrated ESG capabilities and further diversify our client base. AMG’s collaborative partnership approach will support our efforts to address climate change, racial and gender inequity, and corporate governance as we enter the next phase of our growth and continue to build an enduring, multi-generational, independent investment firm.”

Geeta Aiyer, President & Founder of Boston Common Asset Management, added:

“Our new partnership with AMG enables Boston Common to preserve its authentic approach and investment and operational independence, while enhancing the firm’s ability to serve its clients. It was essential to us to identify a long-term partner and collaborator aligned with our culture and approach. We founded Boston Common inspired by the belief that equity investors have an opportunity and duty to advocate for positive change and better solutions for people and planet. Given AMG’s three-decade track record in supporting and enhancing the long-term growth and sustainability of leading partner-owned firms, our new partnership will reinforce our ability to continue this essential work as an inclusive, majority women- and employee-owned firm.”