Energy company Eni, consulting services provider Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Google Cloud announced today a new partnership to develop Open-es, an energy transition and sustainability-focused digital platform for the industrial supply chain.

According to the partners, Open-es will allow suppliers involved in the energy transition to make the most of their experience and best practices in sustainability, sharing them with the participating companies and grasping new opportunities for business and value creation. Initially focused on the energy sector, the platform will be designed to enable participants across the energy value chain to share their experiences in sustainability, growth plans, and information in compliance with the existing regulations.

The companies stated that each will bring their own unique expertise to the initiative, with Eni contributing its industrial skills, the quality of its supply chain and its strategic commitment to a fair and sustainable energy transition, BCG bringing its strategic angle on ESG objectives, a valuation and growth model and the value proposition for the platform, and Google Cloud providing expertise in cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Key features of the new platform will include information sharing, supply chain and ecosystem mapping, openness and integratibility, and incentive mechanisms. The platform will act as a single point for sharing information on sustainability, and a go-to source for benchmarks and statistics, with information will be accessible and visible at all levels of the supply chain, with the objective of helping companies fill their sustainability gaps.