Investment management firm Eurazeo announced today that it has added a new team dedicated to infrastructure investments within Ethe firm’s Real Assets division. According to Eurazeo, the 3-person team’s objective will be to invest in sectors supporting the many changes currently taking place in Europe, including the shift to renewable, low-carbon and competitive sources of energy, as well as digital technologies that will help drive the economy and lead to a more efficient use of real assets.

Each of the new hires joins Eurazeo from Luxembourg-based infrastructure-focused investment manager Marguerite. The team consists of Laurent Chatelin, formerly a Partner at Marguerite, with more than 25 years of experience in infrastructure asset financing and investment in the telecom, energy and transport sectors, Martin Sichelkow, Investment Director at Marguerite primarily focused on the energy sector, and Melissa Cohen, Investment Director at Marguerite, focused on telecoms and transport.

According to Eurazeo, the team’s first fund will focus on three sectors, consisting of digital infrastructure, including data centers, fibre-optic networks, telecom towers, subsea cables and IoT; transition infrastructure, including energy storage, smart grids, smart meters, smart city infrastructure,  e-mobility and clean transport infrastructure, and; renewable energy, including sustainable energy production (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, hydrogen, biomass, biogas, bioenergy), along with waste management, water/wastewater and circular economy projects.

Renaud Haberkorn, Managing Partner and head of Eurazeo’s Real Assets division, said:

 “The creation of this team fits with Eurazeo’s ambition of making long-term investments in the sustainable infrastructure needed to develop communities, and we are looking forward to implementing our strategy of being an active, responsible investor. We are delighted to welcome Laurent, Melissa and Martin into the family. Together, we will help develop infrastructure that is resilient and compatible with decarbonisation objectives. We are confident that by integrating ESG criteria into the process of analysing, investing in and developing infrastructure assets, we will be able to achieve both positive change and strong financial returns.”

 Laurent Chatelin, Partner, said:

 ”We are very happy to join Eurazeo, which is known for helping companies to develop in a responsible way, and to help develop the group’s portfolio of investment strategies. With this platform, we will be able to accelerate fund raising while having the capacity to invest immediately in real assets that support the energy and digital transition across Europe.”