ESG data software company Diginex announced the launch of an enterprise SaaS solution aiming to provide companies with a simple and affordable solution for ESG reporting.

As ESG investing and sustainable finance rapidly gain traction, corporate reporting on sustainability initiatives, progress and risks remains a weak link, with many investors citing inconsistent, unreliable or incomplete information as a key obstacle to ESG integration. Sustainability reporting has become a key focus area for regulators and exchanges as well, and companies are facing increasing challenges including data collection and processing in order to meet growing disclosure requirements.

According to Diginex, the company’s first-to-market solution streamlines essential ESG data reporting, so that companies can efficiently respond to investors, executives, regulators and the public at large with information relating to risk exposure and long-term sustainability. The company stated that the technology enables companies with limited reporting experience to onboard with a self-guided user journey and share a blockchain-enabled audit trail.

Mark Blick, CEO of Diginex Solutions, said:

“DiginexESG is democratizing sustainability by introducing an ESG tech reporting solution that is both highly scalable and affordable. We help companies overwhelmed by sustainability data provision requirements navigate a complex reporting landscape in accordance with global reporting frameworks, making it simple, cost-effective and digital. We are truly pleased by the significant traction our platform is generating from early customers and partners globally.”