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Environmental and social awareness are on the rise globally, but appear nearly absent in the investment process of professional investors. Portfolio managers continue to question whether including ESG considerations in the investment process is inline with their fiduciary duties to clients. Recently, the New York Times reported that only 2.9% of 401(k) plans include any funds dedicated to ESG issues.

We believe this is going to change – very soon, and in a big way.

Here at ESG Today, we believe that ESG will be the most important investment theme of the next decade. And we’ll be here to report on it in real time, finding companies that either hit or miss on ESG issues, discovering which investment managers are ahead or behind the curve, and helping our readers navigate the risks and opportunities of the new world of sustainable investing.

Whether you’re looking to avoid ESG risk in your investments, pursue an active sustainable investment strategy, or find an ESG-savvy investment manager, ESG Today will be your source of news, research, information and analysis.